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Posted : Friday, 22nd August 2008 By Vauxhall

Welcome to the revamped Skolob website, skolob is an information resource system. Skolob is your information resource for useful (and not so useful) articles, human checked and validated web links and the original skolob blog section.

Latest HTML Articles

Article Name Description
HTML Tags Guide of all the standard HTML Tags
Internet Hypertext Links Internet hypertext links and how to create them.
HTML ASCII Codes Special HTML ASCII Codes Reference Sheet

Latest Product Articles

Article Name Description
eBay Sniper Auction System The best eBay Auction Snipers.

Latest Fun & Junk Articles

Article Name Description
Sir Digby Chicken Caesar Online video of 'The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar' (from That Mitchell and Webb Look BBC TV)
Olga Kiril Spam Email Spam from a Russian girl called Olga Kiril who wants to be your friend.
PID Plates Email Spam from Pid Plates.
Fun Spam Spam from motivational speaker who is into fun.

Skolob is an information resouce containing user submitted articles and a human edited web links database.